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Dark Heresy RPG adventure first look, games to gift, foam dice

Greetings fellow gamer –

Join us as we take our first looks at Dark Heresy 2nd Editions first Adventure, Forgotten Gods. We’re also banishing the ghosts and goblins from Halloween, and gearing up for the gift-giving season with  great games like Hanabi, Love Letter, and more.

Dark Heresy Second Edition: Forgotten Gods Adventure

Uncover the Faceless Trade

Mankind was not always such a powerful force in the galaxy. Long before the first humans achieved consciousness, ancient gods ruled the stars and spaces between them. In Forgotten Gods, your fears are about to be realised. A cult has hired the smugglers of the Faceless Trade to bring them forbidden artefacts, and they plot to use the power of these artefacts to reawaken a god from the time before Man. As a devoted servant of the Emperor, you cannot allow this heresy to occur.

Your adventure begins as you track down the smugglers of the Faceless Trade on the hive planet of Desoleum. You must investigate the scene of a vicious altercation, before following the trail of the smugglers and the artefacts. From the packed slums of the hive city, your journey takes you across the galaxy, from trekking through the Desoleum’s wastelands, to dining with a Rogue Trader aboard his ship, to walking the foreboding and bone-strewn cemetery world of Thaur. Your investigations may span the Askellon sector, but your purpose remains the same: destroy the heresies surrounding the Faceless Trade, and prevent the reawakening of unimaginable evil.


The last of Halloween Minis

If you’re like us, the end of Halloween season is a sad time, because there will be less candy just lying around our house shortly. Salve the pain with the last of the 2014 limited edition Reaper Halloween figures.


Van Reaper 2014 Halloween limited edition figure

$8.99   $7.99
Tish Reaper 2014 Halloween limited edition figure

$8.99   $7.99
Drak Reaper 2014 Halloween limited edition figure

$8.99   $7.99


2014 Edition Foam Dice

Recall, if you will, the dark ages of gaming. When dice were made of plastic, and a DM could receive a court summons for pegging his errant players in the head with one. Well those times are over!

The newest printing from Minion Games features inset numbers, improved foam-e-ness, and absolutely no court orders of any kind. So enjoy throwing these at naughty players and Dungeon Masters as often as you’d like.

Early Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Fill your friends stockings with games! Well, maybe wait until they hang them first …

Love Letter

$9.99   $8.99

Once Upon a Time: Writer”s Handbook


Coup : Reformation

5E D&D Next Dungeon Master’s Guide

$49.99   $39.99
This product will be shipped on 12/09/2014
The End of the World – Zombie Apocalypse

$39.95   $29.99
This product will be shipped on 12/15/2014