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DungeonStone 3D Dungeons in stock

This 52 piece set consists of the following:

* Six 2″ corridor units
* Four 1″ corridor units
* Eight 2″x 2″ corner units
* Six 2″x 2″ wall units
* Six 1″x 2″ wall units
* Six 2″x 2″ floor pieces
* Two 1″x 2″ floor pieces
* Two Stair units
* One fully functional door
* Two right angle corner units
* One three way intersection
* One four way intersection
* Two Angled corner units
* One Curved passed unit
* One 4″x4″ floor tile
* One Coffin Tile
* One Corridor termination unit
* One Decorative wall tile (skull)

This set comes to you unpainted but cast in a natural light gray stone.
These dungeon terrain pieces are designed to allow the GM to create the most impressive experience possible by adding a 3D landscape which has the lookand feel of an actual stone environment. These highly detailed models are are each cast as a single piece and made from a resin and carbon infused diestone composite material which provides durability and will hold up to years of handling and play.