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Greetings from the Warehouse

Most of you don’t know me, but I’ve worked in the background of RPGShop.com for years (aka: I’ve packed my share of orders). Last week I became a partner in RPGShop’s operation, so I feel the need to introduce myself and explain some of what’s going on with the website.

Hi. I’m Matt. I’ll be the guy behind the warehouse@rpgshop.com email going forward, and available at 414.427.4300 if you want to chat about RPGs, dice, miniatures, or just geek out with someone who should be doing work.

Over the upcoming months, we will be working on a few areas in order to provide a better, smoother, more enjoyable experience for you.

  • A used / new / vintage RPG and miniatures section
  • Along with that, a used RPG & Trade-In & Buy-Back program
  • Real Play RPG Videos – exclusive content created by and for RPGShop.com members and staff
  • A news blog, covering and reviewing exciting new games
  • Improved inventory control and management, as well as hundreds of administrative updates
  • Premium content
  • Better and more custom products
  • Access to more and better accessories such as paint, brushes and specialty minis
  • Indie RPGs from small presses

Expect to hear more about each of these points in the coming months as I work to improve and provide a better and more reliable experience than ever.