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16mm Settlement Size d6 (1) "Pocket Kingdom"

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Your party of adventurers has traveled along a long and dusty road for many days, encountering hardships and adventure aplenty, when you arrive at a settlement in this strange and undiscovered country. But wait! What sort of settlement?

For the DM who likes to fly by the seat of his or her pants, we present the Settlement Size die. Determine all the relivant features of random settlements, add new urban centers to maps, and even generate entire countries at random. Add a little surprise to your next game, with the Settlement Size die.


A shadow skulks through the banquet hall, carrying with it a deadly toxin to assassinate the king! But how will the assassin strike? A player discovers a...

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This die is perfect for rolling the random Confused actions of targeted NPCs and monsters. We know, it could've been a d8 ... but then it wouldn't have been...

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