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DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Set

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DungeonMorph Dice consist of 5 dice with six different designs per die. The "Explorer" set contains 5 dice of mostly dungeon designs. Designs are engraved into these nearly 1" cubes. Grab some dice to roll a dungeon-on-the-fly. Or use them as inspiration when designing a dungeon.
* Each die has a theme where most designs on the die share a theme: K: Kill Zones/Traps; L: Libraries and Scholarly Areas; P: Prisons; T: Tombs; V: Some Very Unusual designs.
* Set of five, nearly 1" dice with beautifully engraved dungeon designs.
* The "Explorer" set contains 5 dice of dungeon designs.
* Push them together and the corridors line up to make a never-ending dungeon complex.