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Magic Item Type die d10 (1) "The Horde Die"

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Have you ever had this conversation with your RPG players:

Player 1: "What kind of magic items are in the horde of this dragon we just totally roflstomped?"
Game Master: "Well, they're the long lost treasures of king Tr -"
Player 2: "Enough flavor! Is it a sword? A ring? TELL ME!!!"

Well fear not! This Magic item d10 is here to solve a problem you previously would have needed a book AND a d10 to solve. No more pesky turning pages, or consulting charts, just roll this baby and reply with confidance.

Game Master: [Rolls awesome Magic Item Type d10] "It's a suit of armor."
Player 1: "Yeah, but what KIND of armor?"
Game Master: [Gets out Lingering Injury die]

Dice in picture are pre-production samples. Final dice will be inked in silver.

Use this 6-sided die to cause mayhem and maiming to players and monsters alike. Great for adding flavor to your character's attacks, or for adding in-house...