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Kromore Roleplaying Game

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For 10,000 years, Kromorians have waged war with realm creature, monster, man, alien, and beast. They have struggled through the eras, but there have been many who light the path of survival with honor, bravery, and blood.

Practice the ways of the Sci-magi with realm magic. Hunt down demons from the outer realms. Encounter aliens and demigods as you explore the universe. Join the history books of Kromore and live the adventure firsthand in the Kromore multi-era roleplaying game.

Kromore offers players the opportunity to choose their game genre and era of play. Fantasy, medieval, steampunk, futuristic the choice is yours! Start from the early high fantasy era or launch a game in the later space eras. Want something different? Try the steampunk, medieval, low magic, and victorian eras. Customize unique characters, weapons, vehicles, and armor.

Kromore features detailed timelines, maps, locations, and historic events to lay the foundation for a custom home brewed campaign and fill in backstory of any chosen time or era.