Sell Used Games

We buy used RPG books and miniatures. Want to sell yours? Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Email a list of the books or minis you'd like to sell to with subject line "Selling." Please note the general condition (see below) of your books and minis.

Step 2: We will review your list and email you a cash offer and a trade offer. Be aware that prices averege between $1-$2 for softcover books and $5-$10 for hardcover. For minis the price can varry more, as some are quite collectable.

Step 3: If we want your books or minis, and you accept our offer, you ship (at your expense) what you want to sell to:
Atten: Buyer
6550 S Lovers Lane
Franklin, WI 53132

Include a printed copy of our email correspondence.

Step 4: After your package arrives, we will inspect what you are selling and release payment. We offer only PayPal as payment at this time, so please include the email address of the PayPal account you would like payment released to.

Please note: we reserve the right to adjust our offer downward if your books or minis are not in the same condition discussed prior to shipment. We will inform you should this be the case.


Used Book Conditions

Like New
Few or no visible signs of use. Almost no books in this category come from individuals - most come from overstocked retailer or close out sales.

Excellent [-20% from Like New price]
This book may have some minor highlighting, penciling, signature inside the front cover, or some small wear or damage to the spine. Surface scratching of the cover possible.
The spine is intact, all pages and suppliments are present.

Good [-50% from Like New price]
The book shows significant wear. The spine may be starting to go soft, there will be significant (more than 1 inch) of whitening on the spine or cover.
All pages and suppliments are present.

Damaged [-80% from Like New price]
This book is missing some significant part - map inserts, cover, etc - or has pages that are loose and no longer sewn firmly into the spine, but are still present. Major highlighting, writting or pencilling possible.


Used Mini Conditions


Like New

An undamaged mini, which may be painted or unpainted, but has all it's parts. If painted, it is unscratched and unmarred by use.

Everything else

Minis that are missing pieces or show significant wear we do not buy or sell on our website.