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Bardic Songs and PowerFrame RPG Hit Location d6

PowerFrame RPG Hit Location d6 (1)

These six-sided dice are illustrated by Craig Judd for his PowerFrame RPG. They will work well as flavor for any system that uses or could use hit locations, but are specially designed to mesh with PowerFrame.

These dice look and feel great, and as we all know, Indie RPGs are better played with custom dice!

If this product lists a shipping date in the future, it is a pre-order.

You can buy PowerFrame from RPGNow.

16mm Bardic Songs d12 (1)

The die for every wandering minstrel with an enormous desire to entertain and irritate his friends. Wondering what style of music that +2 bonus is delivered in? Well, wonder no more, as a roll of this die will tell you.

Rock Opera
Honky tonk
Death Metal


Roll these dice today, and unlock your unholy bardic talents! Perfect for use with the world’s most popular fantasy RPGs, or any time you feel the need to break into song.