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New Dungeoneering Dungeonmorph Dice and Indie RPGs

Dungeonmorph Dungeonering Dice Sets

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DungeonMorph Dice Adventure Set

$24.99   $19.95
DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Set

$24.99   $19.95
DungeonMorph Dice Spellunker Set

$24.99   $19.95

DungeonMorph Dice consist of 5 dice with six different designs per die. The “Adventurer” set contains the Barracks, Dining, Halls, Worship, and Unusual designs dice. Designs are engraved into these nearly 1″ cubes. Grab some dice to roll a dungeon-on-the-fly. Or use them as inspiration when designing a dungeon.
* Set of five, nearly 1″ dice with engraved dungeon designs.
* The “Adventurer” set contains the Barracks, Dining, Halls, Worship, and Unusual designs.
* Push them together and the corridors line up to make a never-ending dungeon!
* These revised versions of the dice have a pretty stonework pattern.


Check out this Video for more Dungeonmorph detail


New Indie RPGs in stock

Here at RPGShop.com, we try to support the up-and-coming independant companies. We think some of the most creative, interesting design is being done by individuals and small playtest groups. Here’s a selection of the latest games we’ve brough on board because we think they’ve got what it takes to provide a totally unique gaming experience. Enjoy!


$29.99   $24.00
A Dirty World

$24.99   $19.99

$24.99   $19.99
Night Witches

$29.99   $25.00
13th Age: 13 True Ways

$49.99   $39.95
Sagas of the Icelanders

$29.99   $26.00
Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes

$24.99   $19.99
Door Material and Type d6 (1)

$8.99   $6.99
Food and Lodging Quality Die d6 (1)

$8.99   $6.99

Last Week to Pre-order Bardic Songs

This is the last week of pre-orders for our Bardic Songs d12 and our Power Frame Hit Location d6. Not only do we expect to be sold out in the next couple days, we also expect to start shipping all pre-orders late next week!